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I work at an IT firm that solves people's problems using technology. Last week, on a Monday morning, we had a client who wants the firm to build a commercial product specializing in online food delivery. On that same day, we had another client, this time the client wants us to build a commercial product specializing in digital events.

This is a success and a great one at that to the firm. Meanwhile, the client’s requests are all tagged priority.

The firm is so good in what they do but they have limited manpower, a team of four. The managing director summons the product manager by the name of Mr. Princewill Chime, to discuss the clients’ requests. After sharing the product request with the product manager, The product manager became nervous, being ‘the black hat’ he asked? What if we can not meet the clients’ deadline, what if the deadline clashes, will the designer be able to create the overall content on time, the team is small, can they achieve that, and more he raised. The managing director ‘the green hat’ told the product manager to have a meeting with the head of the IT department to hear what he had to say.

The product manager had to summon the head of the IT department to analyze, review, and develop a strategic way to get all work done. The IT head, Mr. William Charles emphasized some barriers like; lack of manpower, inability to meet deadlines, and time factors. Just what the product manager had said earlier.

Getting back to the managing director, Mr. Princewill feeling bold, told the managing director, sir, Mr. William had also observed the same opinion with him toward the achievement of the project. The managing director believing they can achieve the goal ordered Mr. Princewill to immediately ask Mr. William to proceed with the work.

Mr. Williams had no choice but to figure out a way that may help, which he had to divide the team into two and delegate the different work to each of the team.

Two days to the delivery day, the progress of the two products is 60%, above average, there was tension to Mr. William, he had to move on to meet with Mr. Princewill, behold the managing director was at Mr. Princewill’s office, he went forward to relate to them the work progress and further let them know that the projects may not be completed at the stipulated time.

To the managing director, it was a win-win goal, while Mr. Princewill was impressed as well, but went further being the ‘black hat’. The managing director had to ask Mr. William what percentage the products will be at the end of the day? He replied. ‘70% to 80%. He moved on to ask, how many hands more can he add to get the work done to meet up with the deadline? He replied, ‘two persons will do sir. With happiness, the managing director employed additional two persons on contract to join the team.

It is the last day, The project is completed, but have some bugs to fix. Meanwhile, the two clients had come to have a review of the work done so they could have their products. After the review, the managing director had to plead for a short extension of like two days to help them wrap it up.

In conclusion, yes, it is always good to have a black hat in the team, he senses the fault before time, the doubting opinions will definitely push the green hats to tackle those opinions on time. The managing director wouldn’t have thought of ways to resolve things if not having an earlier thought of the black hats opinions and staying positive.

Finally, all the products were achieved though not exactly at the time and with lesser cost.

Now, have you discovered your own hat(s)? look for it and own it!.

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