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Have you ever wanted to send an email to a user after signing up for your web/mobile application or after a certain change in the user operation?

This article will make life easier and put u straight in the steps to achieve that.


Before starting, you should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, nodejs, and have it installed in your system.

In this article, I will be using vs code editor, but you may use any of your preferred code editors.

Let us head to our editor and open a new folder for our application

If you are using…

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Being a JavaScript developer, you will agree with me that when building an application, there are times where there is a need to have seamless filtering of an item from a collection of items.

I have created this article to let everyone be part in knowing how a seamless search can be achieved using:

  • HTML
  • Javascript

In this article, we will learn:

  • Es6 functions/syntax
  • How to filter an item(s) from an array
  • Best code practices

Moving forward, I will guide us through how to implement this very quest using vanilla JavaScript. …


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I work at an IT firm that solves people's problems using technology. Last week, on a Monday morning, we had a client who wants the firm to build a commercial product specializing in online food delivery. On that same day, we had another client, this time the client wants us to build a commercial product specializing in digital events.

This is a success and a great one at that to the firm. Meanwhile, the client’s requests are all tagged priority.

The firm is so good in what they do but they have limited manpower, a team of four. The managing…

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As a frontend developer, it is no longer new to display data using a loop. It has also been found that when trying to display a container inside one of the multiple cards in a loop with a click event— let’s say on an ellipsis icon and so on, instead of displaying the container that is in the same index with a card, it displays the container on every card holding the container.

Are you ready to find out how to maneuver and effectively get this done?

Without further ado, let’s ride.


  • Basic knowledge of javascript
  • Basic knowledge of…

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As a developer, you might have come across this very challenge of uploading an image to any cloud source and also to allow your clients to upload an image to your database.

In this article, I will be walking us through the road to achieving this very quest, with ease using MERN STACK.

We will be using the following to achieve this;

  • Reactjs
  • Nodejs
  • Cloudinary
  • MongoDB

We will be using Reactjs for our frontend, Nodejs for our backend, Cloudinary as our cloud storage for the client images, and MongoDB for our database, where the returned image path will be saved.

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These are the things we are going to talk about below;

  • Manage your data collection
  • Understand how flux works with Context API
  • Persist data with local storage yourself.

Prior, I had written an article on crud operation in vanilla javascript, where a product list application was used to demonstrate the CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE Methods successfully with LOCAL STORAGE.

Without further delay, let us get to the task ahead.


  • Installed node and npm on your system
  • Understands how REACT works.

Let us create a new react project. On your terminal run the below;


Being a developer you must have come to a point of wanting to Create, Read, Update, and Delete data when building a web or mobile application.

Things like arrays and objects are there to hold the user dynamic data. Being able to store and Update this data is very important to take proper control over what happens with the data.

On this, you are going to see and learn how to perform a CRUD operation on the form input data with a Product_List_App we are going to be building using vanilla JavaScript.

Let us create our product_List_App files. You may…

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Have you been using the browser API ‘window.location.href' to transfer data across different pages? or is it the module that you are always applying? Well, is cool but have you ever think of updating existing data? I must tell you there is an easy way to have access and update your data from every page you wish.

In this course, you will understand how you will be able to make your data accessible from every file with javascript.

Meanwhile, let us have an understanding of what local storage is;
Local storage is a browser API for data storage and persistence. You…

Easy Way To Restrict Multiple Components From Unsubscribed Users

Have you ever think of preventing a component from users who are not yet registered members or unsubscribe users? if yes then this will not only teach you how to protect just one component but multiple components from unsubscribed users.

Reactjs is very beautiful and powerful to use in building/developing an application for web views. This is because of its great ability to enable the one-page application development.

It discourages entirely, having multiple HTML files in your development structure. it brings you the development of an application with just one HTML…

Ere now I believe most of us have not even heard of the array method called the Array.reduce method. Well, coming to that in a splash.While on this course we will likely be seeing more of the Es6 methods.

What is Array.reduce method: This is a method used to access the values of an array. It loops through the values of an array one time and returns a single value. Array.reduce method also takes parameters in its function, it takes up to 4 parameters which will be shown just in some seconds.

The Array.reduce method seems to be the most…

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